What Are The Types Of Nails That You Can Keep At Office And What Are Don’ts?


For a woman, there are many small things that can make a big change in the minds of colleagues with whom she is working. When you are working in eth corporate sector and you have a workplace or office to visit every day, then you should also keep in mind that there are small details that can bring a big change in the mindset of the people who are working with you. Well, the nails are the ones that can be the important part of your dressing to the office, and you are probably in need of work-appropriate nails for you!

Yes, your nails can bring a big change in the behavior of the people who are working with you, and hence it gets important that you consider the best nail designs to wear in the office. The nail design can say a lot, and below you can get the details about what to wear and what not to wear.

office style manicure

What not to wear?

The most important part to keep in mind is the style of the nails that you are not supposed to wear at your workspace and if you wear them, it will be disastrous for you! The nails of this category are mentioned below:-

  • Chipped nails:- The nails that are chipped look really, very ugly, and it is not good that you should wear them in your office at all. Such nails can make you look like you do not care for the details in the work that you do.
  • Boudoir nails:- Well, it can be a great idea to arouse your partner in crime or your boyfriend, but it is not something that you should wear at your office. This can give you a sexy and slutty look altogether, and you do not want that in your office.

What to wear?

Some of the nails styles that you should wear in your office are mentioned below and you can go through them when you read further about them:-

  • nail designGo nude:- The nude colors are the best color that will suit your office look in the best way. The best you can do is to go for office style manicure and along with which you can add the nude color nail paints.
  • French nails:- The French nail art is the best that you can get after your manicures for the office and hence will suit you best in your office look. It will help you to be recognized as the sophisticated and caring one in nature.